The market research reveals that the mass affluent want comprehensive wealth management services that have historically been the domain of the Family Office. They want a Family Officer relationship and they want Family Office Deliverables.

Why should this matter to you as a Traditional Financial Advisor or Planner? A number of reasons:

  • The mass affluent represents 33 million households that own 37% of the financial assets in the United States.
  • The research indicates that as many as 8 out of 10 of your affluent clients are dissatisfied and would change if they knew they had a better option.
  • The mass affluent want Family Office Deliverables.

The Family Office has been around for years, mostly the domain of the uber- wealthy. Families with assets of $100 million or more might pay a financial executive to be their gatekeeper, account for all their assets, and attend to all things financial. Often, responsibilities include a concierge level of additional services.

Similarly, In the Multi-Family Office, 5-7 families with $25 million or more come together to pool their resources to pay for these services.

The mass affluent, families with $1 million to $25 million increasingly desire the family office services but cannot justify the expense. With a Family Officer trained in the Smart Money Experience®, the mass affluent are now experiencing affordable Family Office Deliverables in a community of 40-50 families.

You can join a growing community of Financial Professionals making the change to the Family Office model. You give your affluent families more of what they want… and you get more of the life that you want.