SME™ University is a comprehensive training experience designed to help qualified financial professionals transition into their new role as an SME™ Family Officer™.

SME™ University covers in great detail everything a new Family Officer™ needs to know and do to attract ideal families, determine who is a fit and who is not, facilitate meaningful conversations, create your personal passion value proposition, earn deep trust, a detailed four-meeting implementation process with step-by-step prep, delivery and follow-up protocols, an ongoing three-meetings per year progress report process, increased quality of life work sessions, surprise and delight and stimulating ongoing introductions to new ideal families until your Family Office Community Is complete.

Following each school, you receive ongoing coaching, collaboration and encouragement. Twice a month, you and your classmates have a community conference call that reviews your activity and progress you are making toward your business goals. Personal coaching is available upon request as well.

Upon completion of the three SME™ University Schools, Tiger Teams are formed to provide ongoing accountability, collaboration and encouragement for all members of the SME™ Tiger Team community.

You have access to seasoned SME™ Family Officers who will mentor you through the fulfillment of your business plan, and the achievement of your ideal life. They will assist you in processing issues so you don’t get stuck wondering what to do. We have evidence to believe that Tiger Team members grow their businesses three times faster than their peers.