The Smart Money Experience® is a comprehensive Family Office delivery process that addresses every area of an affluent family’s financial house, puts it in order and keeps it in order for the rest of their life.

So, how does adopting the Smart Money Experience® Family Office business model free Advisors from the curse of being a financial services “one man band” and get you on track to becoming the Family Officer™ that affluent families really want?

The Smart Money Experience® can source Family Officers™ with a Team of Experts that helps them provide the full array of Family Office Deliverables… financial planning, money management, insurance planning, tax planning, estate planning, heritage planning, charitable planning, business planning as well as concierge level services. Each member of the Team of Experts is a specialist in what they do. They are paid to do one thing, and one thing only… to help the Family Officer’s families make smart choices and achieve their goals.

Family Officers™ meet with their families three times a year to give them clarity on where they are… and how they are making progress toward achieving their goals. This is facilitated by a proprietary progress reporting system. It releases Family Officers™ to do what they do best…meet with families and meet with prospective families that have been introduced to them… while delivering great service.

We provide comprehensive training to Family Officers™ for every area of their business from how to attract ideal families to their Family Office… how to conduct compelling client family meetings… how to offer comprehensive Family Office Services… including crucial staff positions… how to hire them… train them… and lead them.

SME™ Family Office training is fully integrated and comprehensive covering every step in the client development, client implementation and ongoing client services process. Optimum office locations, layouts and décor are covered to set the tone that is “just right” for affluent family preferences. The classes are intentionally small so we can maximize interactions… and process issues that are unique to each Family Officer™.

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